Piano Rolls from your MIDI FileS

Rolls made from your own MIDI files

We can make piano rolls from your MIDI file. A MIDI file can be made by playing a tune on a midi recording piano or creating it on a computer with a MIDI program, for instance.

From the MIDI file we will make an audition file that sounds like the roll will sound. Player Pianos are mechanical things that don't sound like the output of a synthesizer, so we process the file to sound as you will hear it on the player. At this stage, we will usually do some editing. followed by another audition file. After you are satisfied with the audition file, we will process it to run the perforator and make a trial paper roll. Often there will be more editing needed to make the roll sound exactly how you want.

When you are satisfied with the results we will make the production run. The cost of making the run is the same as for making old piano rolls, except that the reading fee is eliminated. Processing the MIDI files is priced according to the time needed.

Contact us first to start your project. There are many things to be considered before we begin, so it is best to discuss them first. After we get them sorted out you can send us your file and we can get started. Email us at perforator@mindspring.com to start the conversation.