Copying Nickelodeon Rolls

We also make copies of nickelodeon rolls. The process is basically the same as for piano rolls, except for the multiple tunes on the roll. Each tune is number stamped on the roll at the time it is spooled onto its core.

The types of nickelodeon rolls we can make are 9 inch (the same hole spacing as for piano rolls) and 6 inch. This includes types A, G, M, O and 4X. As with piano rolls, call us before you order, as there are things we need to discuss before starting the project.

For nickelodeon rolls prices are as follows:

  • $38.00 per roll, up to 200 feet long, minimum order quantity 5.
  • Over 200 feet add $0.15 per foot per roll.
  • Rolls are spooled and ready to play, but no labels or boxes.
  • Boxes are $8.00 each. These are sturdy fiberboard two part boxes.
  • Label Prices depend on what you want. We can discuss this. THe base price is $10 to create the label, then $1.00 per roll to put the labels on the rolls and the boxes.
  • The reading and processing fee is $75.00
  • Additional editing or repairs are on a time and materials basis.

Delivery will be discussed at the time of the order, as the project must be scheduled. Payment of 80% of the estimated cost is due before we start, the balance on the shipment. Payment may be made by a check drawn on a U.S. bank, money order, Paypal, or even cash.