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Original piano and nickelodeon rolls are getting fragile as they age, and eventually won't be playable at all. Some rolls are already at that point. We provide a service that copies those old rolls on to new paper, using our own machines. Check out how we do this.

Our rolls are the best in the business. As the old Packard ads said, "Ask the man who owns one." We use the latest computer technology to electronically "read" old original rolls, then make copies on new paper using a computer-controlled punch that we designed ourselves. Using editing programs, we can correct damage and problems in the original rolls (up to a point.) We use a strong, stable paper to make our rolls. This paper keeps its size with temperature and humidity changes, unlike the original rolls. The new rolls can also be provided with labels and boxes.

Some of the services we offer are:

Wander around our web site. Learn how piano and nickelodeon rolls are made and copied. Then contact us by e-mail.